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Celebrate Happy Hour at Jackson 20!

Here at Jackson 20 we celebrate the noble tradition of Happy Hour nearly every day.

To be more specific, every weekday at our upscale American tavern-restaurant is a chance to partake of Happy Hour pleasures.

History of Happy Hour

Beginning around World War I, sailors in the U.S. Navy would convene “happy hours” of R&R and entertainment: the apparent origin of the phrase itself. And the practice of enjoying an alcoholic beverage before dinner—whether entertaining at home or out at a speakeasy—became well established in the Prohibition era, when you couldn’t legally have a drink in a restaurant.

By the middle of the 20th century, Happy Hour as a time in the afternoon when bars and restaurants offered discounted drinks (and, increasingly, discounted grub to go along with them) was becoming a widespread tradition.

Happy Hour at Jackson 20

Our Jackson 20 Happy Hour runs from 3 to 6 PM Monday through Friday. During that generous interval, you’ve got a jampacked Happy Hour menu to enjoy, replete with great deals on some of our scrumptious bar bites as well as our libations.

Among the Happy Hour eats are our bacon-enhanced Deviled Farm Eggs , our decked-out Carolina BBQ Sliders , , and our addictive Buttermilk Fried Chicken delectably paired with Jackson 20 coleslaw . Also for a cool 10 bucks you can settle in to our new Tavern Pizza….who knew the best pizza on King Street didn’t come from a pizza place?

Speaking of beer, the Jackson 20 Happy Hour serves its beer of the week for $3.50 bottled brews for $5. Or savor a glass of wine or a rail drink with your pocketbook a mere $5 lighter.

Celebrate Happy Hour at Jackson 20

By all means, we invite you to declare your own personal Happy Hour at Jackson 20, where you get to answer that appetite and wet your whistle for a steal-of-a-deal Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 PM. We’ll see you here for Happy Hour!